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There are a maximum of 8 places in Beechingstoke and 10 places in Salisbury. Priority is given to those who are currently enrolled and if all spots are taken you will be added to the waiting list in order of your inquiry.

 Please read the terms and conditions below before signing up.

  • A deposit of £50 per term is required to reserve a place. The balance is due at the first meeting of the new term. Details of payment options are at the end of the T&Cs. 

  • For beginners, tools are available to borrow and materials are included in the fee while learning. Students can then buy basic materials from the tutor but are encouraged to assemble their own tool kit and portfolio of papers, cloth, etc.

  • If a class is missed it is possible to make this up in the other venue. This is only available if done during the relevant term and cannot be carried forward to the next term. The full fee is payable whether all 5 sessions are attended or not.

  • Participants are responsible to make their own arrangements to insure against third-party claims while using the premises.

  • Participants are expected to observe all health and safety regulations and follow bindery rules (posted in the bindery).

  • Participants are required to inform the host of any medical conditions or food allergies in advance.

   Click HERE to sign up or ring Lori on 01672 851638. Please be sure to include your name, email          and phone number.


There are 3 options for payment: bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.

BANK TRANSFER: 401916, account 71112414, account name is L. Sauer.

If paying by bank transfer please reference the payment with Open Studio. Please email BINDING re:DEFINED that the payment has been made. Bank charges incurred from non sterling transfers are payable by the sender.


Log on to PayPal and use the email A PayPal account is not necessary to do this. For payments within the UK please pay using the 'friends and family button' which incurs no commission from PayPal. A further fee will be payable if the 'goods and services' button is used (to cover charges made to my account). Any charges for international payments are the responsibility of the sender.

CHEQUE: make payable to L. Sauer and send to:

Hazel Bank


Pewsey, SN9 6HJ

Please include your name, email and phone number with the payment.


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