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 BINDING re:DEFINED 2023/2024 Programme 
all classes run from 10am - 4/5ish

           Our guest tutors return this year and their delights are listed below.

                                             We hope you'll enjoy the line-up. 


                      Encased                            February 20th - 23rd

                      Revolving Carousel          May 15th - 18th

                      Ascona Album                  June 14th - 16th  

                      Voluminous Volumes       July 11th - 13th

                      Hinged in Vellum             July 29th - August 2nd

                      Articulated                        September 10th - 13th

                      Collapsable boxes           October 10th - 12th


Encased - The Book Capsule

Theresa Wedemeyer​  February 20th - 23rd  £425.00

Design bindings and valuable books need to be stored and kept properly. The book capsule, developed by Peter Aegerter, with a shape that mimics the book body, not only offers protection from light and dust, but can itself be an eye-catcher on the shelf. It is constructed from leather and paper and offers many possibilities for design from start to finish.

Participants will complete two versions of this box and gain valuable insights into style, technique and finesse.

Experience required.


Revolving Carousel

Tine Noreille     May 15th - 18th     £385.00  

Tine returns for a 3 and half day class that incorporates her amazing method of perfect measuring and cutting (first day) after which she will present a carousel structure that works on the principle of two opposing jacob's ladders. The result is a delight and perfect for many sorts of book projects. 

Even those who have attended her class in the past will benefit and discover more about setting up a system to efficiently prepare materials for book making. Those new to her technique will find it revolutionary.

Basic experience required.

Ascona Album

Lori Sauer   June 14th - 16th      £335.00

This is an undeniably beautiful album and once you make one you will never go back to other styles. There is no sewing or ploughing - it is extremely robust and has a perfectly flat opening with none of those annoying compensation bits along the spine.

Participants make a large format album in a full-cloth, bradel-style binding and learn how to incorporate relief decoration. Everyone goes home with a highly professional looking product that is very clean and sharp.

This album was originally developed by the former director of Centro del bel Libro, Edwin Heim, and subsequently tweaked by Ben Elbel. Lori now brings you its delights.

Experience required


Voluminous Volumes

Kylin Lee   July 11th - 13th   £335.00

This course is a playful, experimental, but also practical exploration of books with volume. It is not a conventional album but a codex built with 3 dimensional leaves. 


How much ‘stuff’ can a book successfully accommodate? Can we incorporate samples or objects with various dimensions? Are the pages themselves thick and sculptural? Does the book itself become a sculptural object? What are the considerations of material, function, size, weight, or robustness that one should consider? All of this, and more, will be explored.


This is a workshop ideal for those interested in Artist Books or those curious to push the boundaries of what books can be. Join us to experiment, share, and delight in VOLUMINOUS VOLUMES.

​Experience required.


Hinged in Vellum

Rahel Scheufele     July 29th - August 2nd    £500.00

During the week participants produce a binding in full vellum that incorporates a piano hinge in the joint. The boards are connected to the text-block with looped straps that alternate with the vellum sewing supports, also looped. A rod unites the boards and the text-block and a separately made spine is added.

This structure makes the most of vellum's special qualities - strength, elegance and flexibility. It follows a method developed by Edgard Claes, who passed the technique on to Rahel. 

Binding experience is required but not necessarily with vellum. There will be a significant materials fee for the vellum which will be determined at a later date.


Suzanne Schmollgruber   September 10th - 13th  £425.00

The displacement of hinges and the incorporation of movable elements give the book format great scope for transformation. This potential will be explored, tested and put into practice during the course. The starting point is the technique of the board book - a book made of thick board pages, commonly seen in children's books; it is the foundation for creating book objects with mobile elements. Participants are asked to let themselves be inspired through creative experimentation and 'build' books that swivel, turn and flip before the leaves are closed, hiding the surprises within.

This is one of Suzanne's favourite areas of book making and her contagious enthusiasm is brought to bear in a class that transforms the book into small mobile pieces of architecture.

Basic experience required.

Collapsable Boxes

Nadine Werner     October 10th - 12th   £335.00

Two boxes are presented in this workshop. The first is a cloth covered box with hinged side walls that fold down. They are held in place by magnets - going from flat to 3D in seconds; the closure is also held securely by hidden magnets. It's a very practical container that folds flat for storage and then opens up to transport or carry objects.

The second box is a type of slipcase based on the structure of a coffee filter - a clever and intriguing way to contain documents and books. It incorporates visible magnets that add both style and design detail. Definitely one you won't see on the high street.

Nadine brings her finesse and trademark attention to detail to a class that will be full of structural ingenuity.

Basic experience required

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